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About Xenteco

Focusing on technology the Xenial Engineering & Technology Consultants Services Private Limited works in four distinct verticals.Each of these is distinct in its offerings & use digital technology to reach its clients & guests. Projects division is earmarked to focus on high technology products which can be taken up for local production under new initiatives of Indian government. We propose to tap our overseas contacts to help us locate such products which must not only be ranking amongst best of their class but also cater to gaps in domestic technology environment.The service division on the other hand use our internal strengths in dishing out delivery of public services using web based interactive platforms. The services are wide ranging & we have very ambitious plans not only to further value add to current offerings but will substantially expand their scope to touch you everywhere. Modern digital technology will continue to decide their course & directions. We are determined to provide best of its class services at affordable costs.The innovation division has a very specific role to identify,encourage& nurture the innovative minds. We intend to approach everyone who would care to participate in this exciting endeavour& will take on board all our technology consultants as well as those who would extend helping hands in whatever way considered appropriate. We have mutually beneficial ways to allow this interaction.our consultancy division will focus on ofering high end advisories & in this we intend to tap our large pool of talented technologists who had excelled in the areas of their expertise. Through our sales & marketing division we will throw open our own e commerce platform to give innovative& unique products a wider reach. We are young & open to ideas

Board of Directors

Dr. Nirmal Kumar Misra

Behind this venture is the spirit of doing something different & a few things differently. Dr.Nirmal Kumar Misra who is a technocrat by profession & was associated with Indian space research organization until oct 2015 when he retired as chief general manager in the grade of outstanding scientist. Having joined ISRO after a 3 year stint with Leeds university on a research project on development of superconducting bolomerters for IRAS, he grew with time holding several important responsibilities.He led efforts to establish world class satellite test facilities infrastructure such as large sized thermovacuum chambers, electrodynamics vibration shakers& acoustic reverberation chamber.These were technology intensive projects with high outlay that required top end management skills.He had large team of about 200 technical personnel who had to cater to requirements of several satellite programmes.Dr.Misra was also entrusted with the task of establishing astronauts training centre for Indian human space programme.This required working out the detailed criteria for selection & training of astronauts for manned flights.While discharging these responsibilities Dr.Misra had to interact with academia& industries across the globe.He is now putting this exposure to use in this venture which is unique in several ways.Dr.Misra was conferred ISRO merit award as also that from astronauic society of india in area of spacecraft technology. He was also given a two year service extension to complete certain assignments. He has abt 50 publications in indian & international journals& has guided doctoral students. Dr.Misra has had a brilliant academic career having topped all through. He completed his doctorate in physics from Indian Institute of Science , Banglore in 1978. During this work he made a comprehensive studies on effects of ion implantation & diffusion in single & polycrstalline materials

Mr Ankit Kumar Raghuwanshi

Mr Ankit Kumar Raghuwanshi is a post graduate - MBA (HR) from Bhopal. He began his career with indore based IT Company. After 1 year he started his own company in bhopal & Now he is CEO & Founder of Sky Info Group Bhopal which is top website Design & development company in bhopal. Sky Info Group offers product and services to the marketplace. Under his leadership, the company has grown substantially having catered to more then 100 customers in india and abroad.