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Innovation Corner

Innovative corner is an unique concept of the company through which it proposes to identify, encourage & support innovative technology & ideas in our young generation. Under this scheme if you have an idea we will find supporter for you & if you wish to fund innovation we will find suitable innovator for you. Accordingly we will

  1. 1) Showcase innovative products from individuals on our soon to be launched ecommerce platform.
  3. 2) Support Innovative ideas.
  5. 3) Organise Funds For Innovative ideas.

As the innovator you will have the first right to commercially produce your innovation post development, we will hand hold you in this process also if you so desire as a very junior partner but always ready to step in if need be to help you out.

As the funder you would have helped an innovator and additionally you will be entitled to a royalty on successful commercialization of the developed product. We will play an active role ensuring your fund is properly utilized for innovation of your choice & will keep you informed about its progress on regular basis. You will of course interact with the innovator directly also. Our panel of guest consultants will also evaluate these proposals & give their opinion on the soundness of the proposals to enable you to make your judgment for funding it or otherwise.

Besides above the company will also announce some innovative products for development. Individual innovator can track them up, submit a development proposal for funding.

All the products will need to be unique & innovative without looking like run-of-the-mill type