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Leveraging its wide spread global contacts across academia & Industries, Our project division has identified, high technology projects suitable for local production under the Make In India campaign of Gove of India. Being of high value incorporating current and cutting age technologies ,these projects will be suitable for medium to large Industrial houses who have sound financial & technology base. The products through these projects enjoy considerable advantages over the competiotion through superior performance specification and competitive pricings.r We will handle all aspects & provide a perfect interface between you & foreign partner to ensure that both of you get into a workable & profitable relationship. The products are world class standing shoulder to shoulder with the best in the class.

Projects currently available:

1) Light Weight Multipurpose Helicopter

  • High performance characteristics
  • low operational costs result in high benefits of helicopter application.
  • systems redundancy ensures their reliable operation in case of failure of certain sets and units.
  • modern equipment of cockpit.
  • hingeless main rotor ensures good maneuverability.
  • composite fiberglass blades are operated “on condition”.
  • modern engines.
  • most spacious cargo cabin among the helicopters of its class.


  • transportation of cargoes.

  • transportation of paratroopers with equipment.

  • transportation of passengers, including transportation in improved comfort conditions.

  • medevac operations.

  • training of flight personnel.

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2) Amphibious Plane

  • Takeoff weight, kg- Less than 2500.
  • Passengers, maximum-5
  • Service ceiling, m-2900
  • Maximum speed, km/h-250
  • Range (with maximum fuel capacity considering half an hour fuel reserve)-1050
  • Takeoff run ground/water, m-350/600
  • Landing run ground/water, m-425/350
  • Seaworthiness, m-0.45


GENERAL APPLICATIONSe range of tasks as follows:

  • patrolling the border lines, woodland and water areas.
  • water areas ecological monitoring.
  • pursuit and capture of poaching boats and motor boats.
  • emergency-and-rescue activities on water.
  • rendering urgent medical aid.
  • cargo-and-passenger transportation.

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