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Our services

Our services division has been entrusted with the task of developing and launching web based platforms for variety of public services. These are comprehensive in nature providing effective interaction amongst consumers, customers and service provider through several friendly and useful features. Currently the platform supporting an aspect of eCommerce solution is being launched while the development work on those relatng to jobs, medical consultation, eCommerce And GST facitilation services are under various stages of realisation. .

Ecommerce Solutions

For management of seller dashboard including photoshoot, cateloging, listing and account management. We offer through our expertise & experience the interface between you & eCommerce platform. while you focus on encasing the innumerable opportunities we take care all of your worries by ensuring that you remain connected to your customers all the time around the globe that will also free you for building your business further & create innovative products

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Medical Consultancy

For management of medical consultation and appointment with doctors and specialist including home delivery of medicines. Using technology and diagnostic tools we intend to provide several value added services to our clients so that right from seeking an appointment until it's completion he does not encounter any inconvenience. During the process he will be alerted on spending appointments. We will also remain touch with doctors so that he is also aware of this visit. We will make sure that he will be attended at an appointed time most of the time except under an emergence condition .We also keep you brief about the traffic condition on your way to doctor. These are just a few of these services that make all the different & we guarantee it that they will be many such features that will surprise you. Soon we will be opening these services in city of Bhopal but we intend to expand our foot prints all across the country in times to come. know more

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Job Portal

Quite unlike the other job portals our platform will connect a job aspirant to a prospective employer. The aspirant suitability for a particular job will be assesed throughspecific tools made avialable to employer. we can also arrange assessment of the candidate for a particular job by our guest experts on our panel who are well experienced in their respective areas. In this case the employer will have to provide to us detailed requirement of the job and type of the expertise required. We also intend to make arrange assessment of the candidate so that the employer understand the strength of the candidate being interviewed .In essence we will provide end to end solution for a given job requirement.

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Online Fee Portal

This portal permits secure payment of various fees to respective institution from the cozy corner of your house with due acknowledgment. On this portal your interaction with the institution will be seamless and hassle free. In the first phase these services will be limited to the institution located in state of Madhya Pradesh and these will be slowly expended to cover other state in the phased manner. We intend to offer trust worthy & foolproof payment gateways.

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